Siding and Your Home: What You Need to Know

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Siding and Your Home: What You Need to Know

When it was time to re-side our home, I quickly found myself overwhelmed by the different siding options. I could side my home in cedar shingles, wood planks, fiber cement planks, vinyl siding or metal siding, just to name a few of the options out there. I spent a lot of time wading through websites trying to figure out the benefits of each material and which would be right for me. While there was a lot of information about the materials, most of it didn't apply to me. It was about installing the siding or buying or selling the siding. I created this so if you are looking for siding, you have a one-stop resource that lays out the different types of siding and their benefits. This should help you avoid having to wade through information that does not apply to you to find what you need.



Kerosene Is One Of The Byproducts Of Crude Oil And Has Many Uses

Crude oil is the base of a lot of products. Gasoline, heating oil, diesel, aviation fuel, and kerosene all come from crude oil. Kerosene has multiple uses for a myriad of people.  Kerosene Production The first part, after getting the crude oil out of the ground, of producing any of the products produced by crude oil is to start separating it. The crude is generally separated by weight. The way to get to those different weights is through a process called distillation. Read More 

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition as a Retro-Style, Vinyl DJ Without Spending a Fortune

Being a DJ isn't just about attending parties, playing music and having fun. To be a successful DJ, you'll have to position yourself in the market so that people want to hire you. One way to set yourself apart from other DJs in this digital age is to go retro--have a vinyl setup and only play records. If you're just starting out as a DJ, here's how to setup yourself as a vinyl DJ without spending a fortune. Read More 

Three Ways To Renovate And Remodel Concrete And Masonry With Little Impact

If you need to do renovations or remodeling, this can often include making changes to concrete and masonry. This can be done using various machines, such as a wet saw to make small cuts. For clean cuts, you may want to have something like water jet cutting done, which can also be good if there is a lot of cutting work to be done. Here are some of the ways you may want to consider to make small changes to concrete and masonry work: Read More 

Choosing The Right Surveillance Camera For Business’s Security System

Cameras are a great tool to use for any business security system. However, choosing the right type of camera can be a challenge. For this reason, you need to consider a few aspects that will influence the type of camera you add to your security setup. Distance Capture Capabilities The first thing to consider is the distance rating for the cameras you want. Most cameras have a predetermined range that they can see based on their pixel rating. Read More 

3 Types Of Pallet Racking Systems & Why You Need Them In Your Product Warehouse

Whether you are reconfiguring the layout of your product warehouse, or plainly looking for a pallet racking system that will give you space while providing storage for large quantities of items, you will want to consider the variety of racking systems available. The following types of pallet racks can help you make the most of your warehouse space. Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racks These racking systems provide exceptional storage for a warehouse with an aisle and row configuration. Read More